Friday, August 26, 2016

What Skull cloud! What Jaka!

"SKULL Clouds as Cerebus rides away" clouds created and rendered by Rob Ellis


Dave's The Origins of Jaka (and Rick): Vanessa Redgrave (and Richard Harris). Plus: 9 days left of the comic-restoration-kickstarter!

as an aside here's me (in the blue T-shirt) with my childhood friend Benji Redgrave (Vanessa's nephew - son of her almost as famous sister actress Lynn Redgrave). Read all about it in my mom's book.  Also, while we're at it: in the photoalbum right across is the nephew of Pattie Boyd (featured in last Friday's episode). My mom was also friend's with Pattie's sister Paula.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

What Explosion!

test render

to the right as it appears in the comic


Sean Michael Robinson:
Do you have a favorite image from Going Home? We're looking for suggestions for what image should be featured on the last page of the restored book. Something that would look good really large, and fits in thematically with the book?

Cerebus-comic-restoration-kickstarter update

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What Sequence!

"Adventure begins sequence" rough puttogether of test renders


Street Artist "MikeBDope" aka "SharpieVillain" (tagline "No pencils no erasers") draws Cerebus at comic store "Meltdown Comics" (click link for the full process)

Declares "Cerebus the Moby Dick of comics", "sophisticated and funny" and thinks maybe "vendors are speculating a big Cerebus resurgence" (7:29-10:15)

Monday, August 22, 2016

What UVs! What Hello!

"Brothers-in-crime UV transfer" by Technical Director Nick Wolensky
 (a particularly tricky UV transfer of one of the earliest animations, which used a completely different rig even)

test render

What Overseer!

test render

Sunday, August 21, 2016

What Michelangelo!

test render


Dave Sim Weekly Update! Pattie Boyd: George Harrison, Eric Clapton and Cerebus! Also: Comic-restoration-kickstarter going strong!

Speaking of read about Pattie Boyd, George Harrison and my mom, Inger Simonsen, being invited to Donovan's castle in her book.
Here is a picture from my mom's photo album of Pattie Boyd during Easter weekend at Donovan's castle, yes, an actual Irish castle. (Also, in the pic is Sid Maurer who painted/designed the album covers for Donovan's records).

Comic creator and founder of Alterna Comics Peter Simeti draws Cerebus

James reading and reviewing the first issues of Cerebus
Carson Grubaugh rereading and reviewing Cerebus

Thursday, August 18, 2016

What Turn! What Corner!

"Cerebus turns a corner" test render


"Flipside Focus" podcast focuses on Cerebus (53:12). Hear them exclaim: Cerebus is gangsta!:) and they suggest Cerebus getting an animated movie:)

and speaking of